A New Beginning

Warm August afternoon. Stepping into the next chapter of my life.

I’ve played around with WordPress long enough to assure myself that what I write is unlikely to be lost as I continue my search for the theme and customization that is right for me. For more than a month now this new resilient communities website has been growing in me. I’ve stepped into a new identify — Bob. I just didn’t feel comfortable with that identity being www.bobstilger.com. That just didn’t feel right.

In the middle of an early July night, flying home after a month in Brazil, I started thinking “resilientcommunities,” and it felt so right. Robert Theobald and I registered this domain back in 1998. Like many others, our attention had been caught by Y2K. For us it was all about resiliency — our capacity to dance with whatever life brings. And with all due respect to the rugged individuals out there, personal resilience and community resilence are closely intertwined.

So I return to and relaunch this website that I’ve had for more than a decade as a new base for my work. Lot’s more to say, but this is a beginning.

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  1. Bob,
    I am delighted you are doing this. I look forward to your insight and wisdom.

  2. Dear Bear

    Its been a while since we met in the magic of Borl. Congratulations on this work – I am in the same proces, building a site called Tarot Academy. I am doing it in Danish, translation will follow…For the English speaking minority I do online readings using skype & teamviewer, and am finishing the translation into English of my first book at the same time as having my third book coming out in DK in a few weeks.

    I hope our paths cross again soon – we are doing Borl in Copenhagen in December parallel to the climate summit – i’d love to see you there!

    hugs, ulrik

  3. I know from experience that Bob has a gift for community building and”listening loudly”. He is deeply committed to creating transformational space for community based action.
    Nancy Bond Artist, Nashville, TN

  4. Hi Bob! Congratulations for your new website!
    I’ve added your inputs to my feevy page so others can read your words as well.
    Hope you are well and shining,

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