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Right now my work has taken me to Japan — in a big way.  We’ve launched a new website: as host for this work and the commentary I am writing from there.  I will be bringing some of this over into Resilient Communities, because it is the same work.  But right now most of my writing is on this small new website.  Please come see what’s happening beneath the visible surface in Japan.

I’m working closely with Art of Hosting – Japan and KDI’s Future Centers — both described in earlier blogs from my work in Japan last year.

Blessings,  Bob

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  1. Placing Value on our Community Wildlife, in All Forms
    One of the most important things that we must do to cultivate resilient communities is to recognize that all organisms are a part of our living community. Our society has established the habit that if life appeals to us then we keep it. If life is a pest, weed, or unfavorable then we kill it. Wildlife in all forms provides valuable resources and services for the survival of ecosystems. We are dependent on the diversity of resources and services that composes our ecosystems, communities. A prime example is bioremediation, a process that cleans contaminated, hazardous sites of pollutants.

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