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List Update:  To make it easy to find, I’ll head this list with some resources on ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) and the Oasis Game which I have been putting together for my friends in Japan (日本)

日本の友達, Resources for Understanding Oasis Game and ABCD.  This is a collection of easy to understand videos and articles on strength-based approaches to build healthy and resilient communities.

Enspirited Leadership. This article from the Berkana Institute summarizes my findings about Landmarks for Leaders and Enspirited Leadership.  Also available in printed form from The Berkana Institute.

Alive In Community: Designing and Hosting Transformative Gatherings.  This article, co-authored with Aerin Dunford, describes how Berkana has designed and hosted large, multicultural gatherings in different parts of the world for people who are building healthy and resilient communities.

Discovering New Stories — Bob’s 2004 PhD Dissertation at CIIS. This is a downloadable version of my doctoral dissertation on Enspirited Leadership.  Also available in book form from The Berkana Institute

Language of Listening.  I wrote this article for Ascent Magazine about how we need to cultivate a better listening…

Emergence and Systems of Influence.  This article is written by my colleagues Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze about working with emergence.  Also available in printed form from The Berkana Institute.

The Leaders We Need Are Already Here. This beautiful booklet tells the story of the Berkana Fellows program in India where young men and women learned to step forward to offer what they could.

More to come!

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